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Shaping the future of digital innovation.

Your Trusted Partner in Mobile App, Software, and Web Development
At CodeIN Square Technology, we're all about crafting cutting-edge digital solutions with a personal touch. Since our humble beginnings in India back in 2013, we've been on a mission to shake up the digital landscape and help businesses thrive in the tech world. With a talented team of 85 experts and creative minds, we're here to make magic happen for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Whether it's web app development, mobile app creation, cloud solutions, or design work, we've got you covered. Our founder, Mr. Darshan Patel, is passionate about empowering businesses through the perfect blend of technology, talent, and hard work. And with CodeIN Square Technology systems' professional guidance, you can trust that you're in good hands every step of the way. Let's revolutionize your digital journey together!

Our Mission

At CodeIN Square Technology, we've been rocking the digital world for more than a decade now! With our awesome determination, we've been turning business dreams into reality by crafting super cool solutions that bring tech and progress together. As one of India's top IT wizards, our crew is on a mission to sprinkle some tech magic and help our clients tackle any challenge that comes their way!

Our Vision

With over 300 projects under our belt, we're all about making big waves in the business world! Our team is all about dreaming big and making those digital dreams a reality. Whether you're just starting out, already rocking it as a startup, or a well-established industry player, we've got the goods to help you reach your goals! Let's make magic happen together!

Our Values

At CodeIN Square Technology, we're all about keeping things positive and making a difference. Our values? Well, they're all about teamwork, accountability, and clear communication. We love to innovate, get creative, and take action! Plus, we're big on building a supportive community and giving back to causes we believe in. And you know what? We're always aiming for excellence and looking for ways to improve. Together, we're on the path to a brighter future!

Our Journey

  • 2024

    Industry Project Development Started

    We've officially stepped into the professional service industry this year. Our passion and vision have brought us together with small-scale businesses and big-name brands alike.

  • 2023

    Establishment of Codeinsquare Technology as a Training Center

    CodeIN Square Technology actually started out as a place to train engineering students. It all began with just a handful of us, you know? But fast forward to now, and we've grown to become a go-to hub for students from all colleges in our area. Pretty cool, huh?

Core Team


Shaping the future of digital innovation.


Kushal Raval



Harsh Patel



Sanjay Prajapati


Our Clients Says


Parth Prajapati
Ahmedabad, India

CodeIN Square Technology is a lifesaver! Their expertise in app development helped us launch our product on time and within budget. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is truly commendable.

New Delhi, India

Working with CodeIN Square was a breeze! Their software development team understood our requirements perfectly and delivered a solution that exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend their services to anyone seeking reliable IT solutions.

Ultra Modern Agency
Mehsana, India

CodeIN Square Technology is a true partner in success! Their UI/UX design team created a visually stunning interface that has significantly enhanced our brand image. Their professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched.

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