Payroll Management

Cut Payroll Stress

Time flies when you're having fun, and our Payroll Management System makes sure it doesn't fly out the window!

Built for SMEs In India

Showrooms and Stores
Spa and Salons

Simple, spot-on, and saves you a bunch of time!

Running a business can be a bit of a challenge, but managing your awesome team shouldn't add to the stress. Keep it simple and breezy with CodeIN Square Technology Payroll!

Attendance Tracking

Say farewell to the hassle of attendance headaches! Our automated tracking system makes errors, fake punch-ins, and time theft a thing of the past. With Payroll, you've got precise data, ensuring your payroll is spot on.

Planner and Shift Management

Make scheduling a breeze! Customize and assign shifts effortlessly. Plan your team's schedules for the day, week, or even the whole month ahead. This way, you can concentrate on running things smoothly without the hassle of micromanaging your awesome crew.


Leave Management

Keep tabs on your team, know who's in and out, all in one spot. No more surprises, just smooth sailing for your business!

Payroll Management

Get ready for hassle-free payroll magic! With CodeIN Square Technology Payroll, you can zip through staff salary credits in under 10 minutes, thanks to nifty bank integrations. Plus, tackle TDS, PF, PT, ESI, employee insurance, loans, and advance salaries—all in one friendly app! Easy peasy!


Say goodbye to payroll worries with our hassle-free management for the coolest employers of the next generation.

Time Saver

With streamlined processes and efficient features, it's here to give you more hours in the day for what truly matters

More Secure

Your data is a fortress, guarded with the latest encryption and layers of protection. Stay confidently secure with us.

Customized staff reports

personalized staff reports. Because your business is unique, your reports should be too!

Link with multiple branch

Supercharge your business with our software's incredible advantage - seamless connectivity across multiple branches.

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